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Do You Feel Like Singing?

Do you like to sing seasonal songs?  Do you feel like belting out a few bars of “Joy to the World?”  There’s a place for you in the caroling crowd which will commence at 5 PM on Sunday afternoon, December 21.

Meet at the NE 80th Street door of Wedgwood Presbyterian Church, and don’t forget your hat and mittens.  The songsters will sing, rain or shine, starting at Hunter Tree Farm. The singers will have a snack and hot cocoa upon returning to the church building after the caroling session.

Holiday Season Scams

Seattle City Light is warning its customers to protect themselves against con artists who are using false threats of disconnecting electrical service in attempts to steal money.

The scam works like this:  a person claiming to work for the utility calls a customer, says their account is overdue, and demands payment. The caller then threatens to cut off electricity service unless payment is made immediately.  In some cases scammers are targeting elderly persons, coming to the door and saying that they are from City Light and are there to collect payments.

An immediate demand for payment is a red flag for fraud. Anyone who gets a call like this should hang up and call Seattle City Light customer service at 206-686-3000.  If someone comes to your door claiming to be Seattle City Light to collect payments, you should lock the door and call 9-1-1.

Seattle City Light customer service representatives are available at 206-684-3000 to advise customers of their account status and answer any questions they might have.  Check the City Light Scam Alerts page for info on how to be alert to fraud.

Seattle City Light will not shut off a customer’s electricity for one late payment.  Before a shut off is ordered, Seattle City Light will send the customer at least two written notifications.

Additionally, City Light has programs available for customers who are having trouble paying their electric bills, including a low-income rate assistance program where qualifying customers can save up to 60 percent.  Information is available at 206-684-3417.

Acres of Trees at Hunter’s

Plenty of trees are still available, along with other seasonal decorations such as wreaths, swags, and ornaments, at Hunter Tree Farm, 7744 35th Ave NE next to the Wedgwood Post Office.  The annual celebration of evergreens is brought to Wedgwood by the Hunter family of Shelton, Mason County, Washington.

William O. Hunter Sr. and his wife Carol

William O. Hunter and his wife Carol, married sixty-six years, first began selling trees in the Wedgwood neighborhood about sixty years ago when Carol’s brother and brother-in-law were working for Albert Balch.

In the 1950′s Carol’s brother and brother-in-law were both working as real estate salesmen for Albert Balch, a developer who named a plat of land “Wedgwood” in the 1940′s and built a group of houses.  The name “Wedgwood” gradually caught on and became the name of the neighborhood.

Balch owned the property at the corner of NE 85th Street which is now the site of the QFC grocery store, Wedgwood Broiler and other businesses, but as of the early 1950′s nothing had yet been built there.  William and Carol were introduced to Mr. Balch, who was glad to give the Hunters space to sell their holiday evergreens yearly in the month of December.

When the present site became available in 1964, the Hunters leased it from Wedgwood Presbyterian Church. The Hunters bought the section of the property next to the post office in 1973 while the church retained ownership of the corner section with its parking area.  During the rest of the year, the Hunter Tree Farm site is also known as The Gathering Place, a unique public-private partnership which has given Wedgwood an outdoor venue for festivals, picnics and other celebrations.

Stop by at Hunter’s and enjoy the fresh evergreen smells of the season!

Cheesecake for the Holidays

Available at LaPasta in the Morningside Market building. . . . → Read More: Cheesecake for the Holidays

Windstorm Predicted for Thursday, December 11th

With a windstorm predicted, are you ready?

Take winter by storm with these tips:

• Make sure storm drains are clear of leaves and debris to prevent flooding in your neighborhood. Clear with a rake or broom (but don’t stand in the street).  Don’t put grass clippings, leaves, or other debris into drains, ditches, . . . → Read More: Windstorm Predicted for Thursday, December 11th

Wedgwood Meaningful Movies: Happy

Movie about The Happiness Project showing on Friday evening, December 12. . . . → Read More: Wedgwood Meaningful Movies: Happy

Meadowbrook Update: Waiting for the Road to Open

Waiting for the concrete to dry. . . . → Read More: Meadowbrook Update: Waiting for the Road to Open

Holidays and Helping: Toys for Tots

Donate a new, unwrapped toy at Woodlawn Optical in Wedgwood. . . . → Read More: Holidays and Helping: Toys for Tots

HIP for the Holidays at Homestreet

The Hunger Intervention Program of North Seattle. . . . → Read More: HIP for the Holidays at Homestreet

Holidays and Crimes in Wedgwood

Take precautions against car theft, home break-ins and package theft. . . . → Read More: Holidays and Crimes in Wedgwood