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Wedgwood’s Tree Shirt Contest

WEDGWOOD WANTS YOU…to design our next Tree-Shirt!

Become a local celebrity by designing the Wedgwood Community Council’s next “tree-shirt,” one of our most popular membership benefits! The design itself does not have to contain trees if you don’t want it to, BUT the design should represent a connection to our community in some way.

Submissions will be accepted from July 25 to September 15, with the winner announced on October 1.

All entries that meet the following criteria will be posted here on this WCC page, where all current WCC members will be able to see and vote on the designs. The winning designer will not only see his or her design on all of our tree-shirts for the coming year, but will also receive a FREE tree-shirt for three family members.

You do not have to be a member of the WCC to enter the contest, but you must live within the Wedgwood neighborhood boundaries of NE 75th to 95th Streets (see map).

Tree-shirt specifics:

Image* Designs will be printed on unisex 100% cotton T-shirts; white or green backgrounds available – you decide!

* Designs should consist of two ink colors maximum; ink colors are of your choice, but please note limited colors are available which will work on the dark green background – white, gold and other pale colors.

* Maximum size of art: 12” wide by 11” high OR 11” wide by 14” high.

* Please submit high-resolution scans or Photoshop files only with at least 300 DPI or Vector art.

* Physical art accepted as well (we can scan your design.)

Please include the following information with all submissions:

* Name, phone number and email address

* Preferred shirt color: white or dark green background for your design.

* Preferred ink colors (general colors or PMS colors accepted)

Email your submission or any questions to:

OR mail your submission to: PO Box 15770, Seattle, WA 98115

Preparedness in Wedgwood

A recent news article told of the threat of the Next Big Earthquake which could destroy the infrastructure of the Pacific Northwest region.  Local newspaper The Seattle Times reported that pre-packaged emergency kits were “flying off of the shelves” as people scared by the news article sought the quickest, most convenient way of setting up supplies for home or office.

There are several ways to prepare for an earthquake or a severe weather emergency, and it all begins with a family discussion on preparedness.  How will you and family members get in touch with one another in case of the failure of phones and other communication systems?  Children should be told what to expect in several different scenarios, such as school, home or in after-school activities, and they should know the contact info of parents and extended family members.

There are several sources of “how-to” lists which can be very helpful in what supplies would be useful, such as bottled water and a first aid kit.  Here is the list compiled by Puget Sound Energy with the suggestion of keeping a kit at home, in the car and at work.  Buying a pre-packaged kit is one choice but most families can also assemble their own emergency kits in something easily carried such as a backpack, gym bag or rolling suitcase.  Assembling supplies as a family with the participation of children is an excellent way to help children understand what they will need to do in the event of an earthquake, and help them have confidence that they and others will help one another.

A home emergency kit

Here is info on how the State of Washington is preparing for emergencies such as a major earthquake.

One of the best ways for Wedgwoodians to get prepared is to organize among neighbors to check on one another and share resources in case of emergencies.  Who has a chain saw and can help clear downed trees?  Who has a barbecue which can be used for cooking in the event of a power outage?  An upcoming event, the Annual Night Out on August 4, is an excellent time to network with neighbors and make a preparedness plan.

Wedgwood has its own Emergency Preparedness Hub located at The Gathering Place at Hunter Tree Farm, 7744 35th Ave NE.  In the event of an emergency in which communication systems are not working, the Hub will be activated by volunteers.  An amateur radio operator will be on-site to get in contact with the City of Seattle Emergency Communications Center.  Messages about emergencies such as injured persons, fires or collapsed buildings can be sent from the Hub.  The Hub is also a place to leave written notes for family members to help one another stay in contact.

Volunteer greeters Joann and Bill at a practice Emergency Preparedness Drill, the Hub at Hunter Tree Farm.

It is important to understand that the Hub in Wedgwood does not have any supplies such as food, water or tools to be used in the event of an emergency.  The focus of the Emergency Preparedness program is to urge Wedgwoodians to organize themselves for caring for one another in the neighborhood, checking on neighbors and sharing supplies after an event such as an earthquake.

In the event of the failure of other communication systems, the Hub at the Hunter Tree Farm, 7744 35th Ave NE, will serve as a communications area for neighbors to give and receive help.  There will be a message board set up for leaving notes to offer services (such as, “I have a chain saw for removing trees in the road.”) or for asking for help (“We are out of diapers.”)

Messages can be left at the Hub as to your whereabouts, or requesting info on missing neighbors and family members.  The Hub at Hunter Tree Farm is not a city-services or supply depot, but in case of an emergency, volunteers at The Hub will help community members offer and exchange aid.

Families should make a plan and have a preparedness kit, using the guidelines of Seattle’s Emergency Preparedness office.  Every household needs a Family Disaster Plan of how to get in touch with one another, and where to go in case of the need to evacuate.  Build a supply kit in a rolling bin or suitcase in an accessible place, such as a garage or shed in the backyard. The kit can contain water, food, first aid, tools, medications and printed prescription info, and lists of telephone contacts.

We don’t know when “the Big One” might occur, but we can do our best to be ready.

A Successful Outdoor Cinema 2015

Pre-movie welcome and announcements from the Wedgwood Community Council.

On the evening of July 25, 2015, the skies cleared and Wedgwoodians turned out for this year’s Outdoor Cinema, held at The Gathering Place at the Hunter Tree Farm.  Eats, treats, service info and children’s activities were all enjoyed before settling in for pre-movie announcements and then the featured film, How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Outdoor Cinema is organized annually by the volunteers of the Wedgwood Community Council.  The costs are underwritten by community donations and by the support of neighborhood businesses.

This year’s advertisers on the WCC page, Outdoor Cinema event sponsors, participants and vendors are:  4 to Explore/Alex Pedersen, Adams Insurance, Cafe Javasti, Cleanscapes, Goreeng food truck, Homestreet Bank, Johnson’s Auto, Maid in the Northwest, Onelife Church (children’s activities table), QFC Grocery, Rainwise, Rxtra Care Pharmacy, Soul Purpose band, Sublime Corn Company, Sustainable NE Seattle, Van Gogh Coffeehouse, Wedgwood Broiler, and Wild Smiles Face Painting.

The next event, the very exciting Wedgwood Tree Shirt Contest, was announced on the night of Cinema.  Other highlights of the Outdoor Cinema evening:

SalmonFest 2015

Lake City Festival on August 7, 8, and 9. . . . → Read More: SalmonFest 2015

The Montlake Triangle Project

A bridge connection to campus, the stadium and the trail. . . . → Read More: The Montlake Triangle Project

See You at Cinema on Saturday

Saturday night, July 25 at 7:30 PM is the night of Wedgwood’s annual Outdoor Cinema.  It will be at The Gathering Place at Hunter Tree Farm, 7740 35th Ave NE, next to the post office.  The evening will begin with food vendors, community-info displays and games for children.

Things to bring on Saturday evening: . . . → Read More: See You at Cinema on Saturday

Getting What We Want on 35th Ave NE

Participate in the process. . . . → Read More: Getting What We Want on 35th Ave NE

Night Out on August 4th

Close your street and have a block party. . . . → Read More: Night Out on August 4th

Primary Election Ballots

Vote by Tuesday, August 4th. . . . → Read More: Primary Election Ballots

Fiddlers Inn Twentieth Anniversary Celebration

Barbecue and special events. . . . → Read More: Fiddlers Inn Twentieth Anniversary Celebration