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Halloween on Friday in Wedgwood

Safe crossing at Halloween.

Wedgwood’s traditional trick-or-treat will be held in the business district on Friday evening, October 31st from 4 to 6 PM. Volunteer crossing guards will be stationed at the intersections of NE 75th and 85th Streets along 35th Ave NE.

Parents are advised to be alert and model good safety practices such as stop, look and listen when crossing the streets.

Look for the costumed volunteers at the Wedgwood Community Council information table to find out what’s going on with neighborhood issues.  Be sure to renew your WCC membership so that your voluntary contribution will continue to support great activities in the neighborhood. Email to find out more!

I Voted

Take time this weekend to fill out your ballot and send it in.  See the King County Elections page for info on ballot issues and some drop-off locations as an alternative to mailing.

Meadowbrook Update: Confluence Construction Continues

The closure of 35th Ave NE will remain in effect into November 2014. In the meantime we can enjoy the autumn color of the flame ash street trees.

In June 2014 work commenced to improve The Confluence, the flat area around 35th Ave NE in Meadowbrook between NE 105th to 110th Streets.  At the lowest point in the roadway of 35th Ave NE at NE 107th Street the South Branch of Thornton Creek crosses eastward into a detention area called Meadowbrook Pond.  The year 2014 will bring the completion of a three-year cycle to create more holding capacity for water, prevent heavy rains from flooding 35th Ave NE, and improve the creek habitat for fish.

As of October, 35th Ave NE is still closed at NE 107th Street.  The allotted time of construction permits is to the end of November 2014, though it is possible that the road could open before the end of that month.  Work is continuing on schedule and when the road does open, there will be no ceremony or delay of any kind — the road will just open.

The Confluence Project in 2014 is for three improvements: the creek, the capacity for water, and the culverts.  The South Branch of Thornton Creek, which flows eastward past Nathan Hale High School, was widened and meanders created to “slow the flow” and help sediment move on down to the detention pond area.  The in-water creek work was finished by the end of September in compliance with state laws for fish habitat.

Looking west from 35th Ave NE toward Nathan Hale High School, we see the improved creek channel. The formerly vegetation-choked narrow channel now has meanders and its banks are being replanted.

On the west side of 35th Ave NE (pictured at left) the creek channel has been widened and meanders created.  This helps slow the flow of water and is also an improvement in habitat for fish.

On the east side of 35th Ave NE a much larger flood plain area is still being worked on, to create room for stormwaters.  Much larger culverts were put under the roadway where the South Branch of Thornton Creek passes under 35th Ave NE.  Making a huge cut across the road, installing culverts and then fixing the roadbed has been the longest and most labor-intensive aspect of the Confluence Project.  However, the work is on-schedule.  Stay tuned for the roadway to open by or before the end of November 2014.

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Food and Fun Family Dance

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Voting by Candlelight

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Garage Sale at the Tool Library

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