Wedgwood Areas Schools Are Some of the Best!

The Seattle School District recently released the report card for all of the schools within the district.  All of the schools were scored 1-5 (1 the lowest and 5 the highest) based on a multi-faceted scoring system that looks at absolute performance and growth performance, not just test scores.  Schools that were scored a 5 had a high absolute performance and high growth performance.  In total, 12 schools received this honor including Thornton Creek, Wedgwood, and View Ridge. That means 40% of the top schools are right here in the Wedgwood-area! Due to these high rankings, Wedgwood-area schools will have greater flexibility in additional improvement strategies, teacher training, setting school planning goals, and discretionary spending.

There were 19 schools that scored a 4, which is also really good.  These schools include Bryant Elementary, Laurelhurst Elementary, Eckstein Middle School, and Roosevelt High.  Nathan Hale High received a score of 3.

You can review each school’s report card here.  Congratulations to all the great public schools here in NE Seattle!

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