Burglary in Wedgwood

One of the reasons many live in Wedgwood is because how safe it is. The friendly and perceptive neighbors who live within the single-family residential neighborhood that defines much of Wedgwood fosters this sense of safety. This makes it all the more uncomfortable when crime occurs in our community.

According to the Wedgwood View, a forced entry robbery occurred on Tuesday, January 11th at a residence on the 3700 block of NE 75th Street.  The Seattle Crime blog and the Seattle Police also have maps that shows where these crimes have occurred.  According to the report on Wedgwood View, this latest burglary occurred in the middle of the day and is reminiscent of other forced entries that seemed rampant during the summer of 2010.  Several individuals and groups have been arrested and attributed to many of these home robberies and official reports of burglaries in Wedgwood have since tapered off.

This is just another reminder to keep your eyes and ears out for suspicious activity and make sure to take those precautions to keep your home and property safe.

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