The Seattle Festival Orchestra Plays on March 13th

The Seattle Festival Orchestra will be performing on March 13th at 3:00PM (doors open at 2:30) at the Founders Hall at University Prep.  This will be their 2nd to last performance of the 2010/2011 season.  Make sure to check out their website for fantastic video snippets of previous performances and see their full program.

Here’s a blurb from their website about the Seattle Festival Orchestra and their performances for those who aren’t familiar:

There is nothing like a live performance!  The excitement of watching musicians who are playing simply because they love playing is contagious.  For them its not just a job, after all.  Some of our musicians are doctors, professors, students, retired folks.  The most important way you can support us is by coming to our concerts and spreading the word to your friends and family about this very high quality community orchestra.

Financial support is important also.  Community organizations such as ours run almost entirely on support from our local neighborhoods.

The suggested donation for the performance is $10/person, although they wouldn’t refuse more…

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