WCC Submits Two Neighborhood Street Fund Project Applications

The Wedgwood Community Council is committed to bringing more sidewalks and safer streets to our neighborhood.  Sidewalks are in desperate need around many of our neighborhood schools which have designated school walk routes that force kids into walking on the street.  Additionally, pedestrians trying to cross 35th Ave NE, between 75th Street NE and 85th Street NE, often times take their lives into their own hands since there are no crosswalks for that 10-block stretch.

This week, the WCC submitted Neighborhood Street Fund applications for two projects before today’s deadline.  These projects are generally as follows:

  1. The design and engineering for a sidewalk project to be constructed on NE 85th St. between 30th Ave NE and 28th Ave NE; 28th Ave NE between NE 85th St. and NE 83rd St.; and NE 83rd St. between 28th Ave NE and 25th Ave NE.  This is, in part, a designated walk route for Wedgwood Elementary which lacks sufficient sidewalks.  (UPDATE: This project was submitted in 2010 also and received the highest ranking although was ultimately not selected.)
  2. The development of an established crossing area to be developed at 35th Ave. NE and NE 80th St.  Initially, the request includes the development of a highly visible pedestrian crossing marks on the road and sides of street plus possible flags and ideally, overhead notification to drivers.  The WCC also requested funding for a plan for future, more formalized pedestrian crossing options at this location as traffic continues to grow along this arterial.

The next step for these two projects is to present them at the April NE District Council meeting and defend their merits for selection.

While the WCC has sponsored these two projects, applying for projects through this fund doesn’t have to be sponsored by a community organization.  If you or your neighbors have ideas of project’s to bring safer streets, sidewalks, or other needed transportation infrastructure to Wedgwood, we strongly encourage you.

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