Wedgwood Ducks Travel to North Carolina & Florida

On March 9th, the Seattle Times carried a great story about an aspect of the urban-agriculture movement that’s being lived out here in Wedgwood.  The story features fellow Wedgwoodian BJ Hedahl and her khaki Campbell and Indian runner ducks.  According to the article, Hedahl raises her ducks for their richer and denser eggs compared to those of a chicken.  In fact, Hedahl has become a bit of a trailblazer in the art and practice of raising ducks.  She teaches workshops on raising ducks in the urban world, which she’s titled “City Ducks 101.”  It’s a great article and well worth the read.

Since the article first ran, however, it has been picked up by other newspapers across the country.  Both The News & Observer in Raleigh, NC and the Miami Herald in Miami, FL carried the article featuring Hedahl and her ducks.  In fact, The News & Observer piece opens with a beautiful photo of Hedahl and her duck with the following caption, “BJ Hedahl raises ducks in the Wedgwood neighborhood in Seattle and sells the eggs for $6 a dozen.”

UPDATE: Now Hedahl’s ducks are in Bend, Oregon.

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