NEDC to Evaluate Neighborhood Street Fund Projects on April 7

The North East District Council, which includes representatives from the community councils in the North East District (as the name implies) and the Dept. of Neighborhood, meets monthly throughout the year.  At the next meeting—Thursday, April 7, 7pm at the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church—the NEDC will discuss the various Neighborhood Street Fund applications that have been received and rank them.  Wedgwood has 3 projects that will be discussed at the meeting: 2 submitted by WCC trustees (Katie Travers and Gretchen Bear) and 1 submitted by Meg Goldman.

  1. NE 77th Street and 25th Ave NE at main entrance to Dahl Playfield, Wedgwood/Ravenna neighborhood, near University Prep. (submitted by Meg Goldman)
  2. Pedestrian crossing indicators at NE 80th St and 35th Ave. NE – basic markings visible to cars  (submitted by Gretchen Bear)
  3. Design and engineering plan for sidewalk on NE 85th St. between 30th Ave NE and 28th Ave NE; 28th Ave NE between NE 85th St. and NE 83rd St.; and NE 83rd St. between 28th Ave NE and 25th Ave NE.  (submitted by Katie Traverse)

All 3 projects are extremely important and thanks are in order to Meg, Gretchen, and Katie for submitting these applications on our community’s behalf.  At last years NEDC meeting, the construction of sidewalks around Wedgwood Elementary (Katie’s project) was ranked highest but ultimately did not receive funding.  Hopefully Wedgwood will be more successful this year.

Public comments are allowed at these meetings although occur at the opening of the meeting.  If you’re interested in speaking during the public comment period, please contact the chair or co-chair of the NEDC to get your name on the agenda.  WCC President, Kurt Westman, will be representing Wedgwood at the meeting.

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