Safeway Remodel – Construction Update

Our thanks to Safeway for providing us with a progress report on their remodel.  To review all of the amenities and services that will be included in this remodel, please see our earlier report.

The following summary is from Safeway:

Exterior: The new expansion area at the front of the store is structurally complete.  The walls are up and the roof is connected to the existing building.  Work on the interior of the new space has begun.  A new customer service area, the store manager’s office and those types of uses will move in to this new space.  The new exterior siding, painting and signage work is on-going and will be completed in the coming weeks.

Interior: The basement is approximately 90% complete and is now activated.  Our new meat cooler and cutting room has been completed and is now operational as is our new produce cooler and preparation area and frozen foods freezer.  The new employee breakroom and other employee areas will be ready to be moved in to in the coming weeks.

Demolition of the old meat department and the old produce cooler upstairs has begun, which will allow the new meat sales department, the new pharmacy department and the new dairy cooler to be constructed upstairs.

Construction of the new deli department is under way, and the plumbing and electrical have been roughed in and the construction of the walls has begun.  This department should be completed and open in the next month or so, which will allow us to demolish the existing deli to make way for the expanded produce department and the new floral department.

Grand opening is scheduled for the end of August, so there is still a lot of work to get done.

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