Meet Patti Wilma, A WCC Trustee Candidate

On May 11th, the WCC will host a public meeting with special guest, State Senator Scott White.  We’ll also be holding an election for new or returning trustees.  This is a bio for one of three candidates, Patti Wilma.  You can also read about the other trustee candidates, Katie Traverse and Brian Turnbull.

Patti Wilma has lived in Wedgwood since 2007, having moved from her Queen Anne Hill home of 18 years. Upon the launch of their two grown sons, Patti and her husband, Mike Bergstom, chose Wedgwood because of its unique combination of natural and urban setting and the scale, approachability, egalitarian ambiance, and “attitude” of the neighborhood. Patti’s interest in becoming a trustee stems from her professional life as a city planner for Bellevue and training as an architect. She believes citizen involvement is key to informed government decisions. Of particular interest to Patti are preservation and enhancement of the wooded “Cascadia” nature of Wedgwood, invigorating the commercial district with responsible and sensitive development, and maintaining the small-scale nature of neighborhoods. Her past community involvement includes membership on the Queen Anne Community Council and the Queen Anne Design Review Board.

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