Adult Cabaret Planned for Wedgwood

The Seven Seas Restaurant at 8914 Lake City Way NE is schedule to undergo major changes in the very near future.  That’s because the City issued a permit in late April for an ‘adult cabaret’  establishment at the site.  The WCC has not spoken to the project proponent, Mr. Jack Johnson, and therefore we are unaware of the project’s schedule for construction and occupancy.

The site is zoned C1-40 (commercial – 40 foot height limit).  Under Section 23.47A.4(H) of the Seattle Municipal Code, adult cabaret’s are authorized uses within commercial zones provided they’re located more than 800 feet from a permitted or otherwise legally recognized (e.g., has a permit from the state) community centers, child care centers, elementary or secondary schools, or public park and open space uses.  As the ‘adult cabaret’ is an authorized use for commercial zones, no public notice is required.

Based on our mapping, it appears that Sacajewah Elementary is the closest school to the site at about 1,500 feet; the Sacajewah Park the closest open space/park at about 1,000 feet; and a child care center is about 1,000 feet away.  Also located approximately 1,000 feet from the site is the Ryther Child Center.  According to Ryther’s website, their Vision is to provide and advocate a “comprehensive continuum of care and assistance for children, youth and families experiencing or at risk from neglect, mental illness, or emotional, physical, sexual and/or chemical abuse.”

As the WCC has only recently become aware of this project (again, no public notification is required), we are still determining what course of action, if any, is necessary.  Both the WCC and Maple Leaf Community Council are pursuing more information on this project.  Stay tuned as more information will be provided as we get it.

What are your thoughts?  Are you aware of any legally-recognized child care centers within 800 feet from the Seven Seas Restaurant?

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  1. Doesn’t bother me at all as long as there are no garish or lewd advertisements outside of the building.

    Also, why not name that other childcare facility 1000′ away? Is it licensed?

    1. The name wasn’t intentionally left out but rather wasn’t accessible at the time of post. However, based on a Google and Bing maps search, Rainbow Bridge preschool is approximately 950 feet east of the site near the intersection of NE 90th St and 26th Ave NE.

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