Farmers Markets in NE Seattle

Sad news today from the Meadowbrook Farmers Market, which announced that it would not be returning this summer.  From the note, it’s not clear whether the farmers market will return next year as growing condition improve or not.  This leaves NE Seattle with only the farmers market on Lake City (which opens on June 2nd!), albeit the University Farmers Market isn’t too far either.

However, this news comes on the heels of a story in the Seattle PI late in May about the farmers market-market becoming saturated and groups struggling to sustain financially viable markets.  In fact, in the PI’s story, Chris Curtis who is the executive director for the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, discusses several neighborhoods which have contacted her about future farmers markets.  One of those neighborhoods was Wedgwood.  As she stated in the article and to the WCC, her and her board are not currently interested in expanding.  However, Wedgwood is hopeful that with recent and ongoing projects, that it may be able to provide the means should a farmers market want to start in our community.

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