The Media Refocusing on the Pandora Adult Cabaret

Last week, we shared an update on what’s going on with the Pandora Adult Cabaret at the former Seven Seas Restaurant.  The WCC had learned of a state-licensed at-home day care facility within 600 feet of the proposed adult cabaret.  Given its state license and duration of the at-home day care, the WCC and the Maple Leaf Community Council (MLCC) believed that this would qualify as an otherwise legally established child care.  Should this interpretation be correct, it would therefore appear that the permit issued for the adult cabaret would have been authorized erroneously and need to be rescinded.   At the time of writing this post, the City had not responded to the WCC or MLCC (to our knowledge) on the new information shared with DPD about the at-home day care.

Earlier today, Denise Whitaker of KOMO 4 News interviewed David Miller, the chair of the MLCC land use committee, regarding this new information and other contentions that we have with DPD’s process in approving the adult cabaret permit so quickly.  Tune in at 5PM tonight to see David’s interview with Ms. Whitaker.  We’ll make sure to post the story here as soon as its available.

Read and watch KOMO 4’s earlier report on the proposed adult cabaret here.

UPDATE (JUNE 20 – 4:10PM) : We understand that Mayor McGinn will be responding to this new information regarding the state-licensed at-home day care.  We are awaiting his response.

UPDATE (JUNE 21 – 10:30AM): Watch KOMO4 News coverage HERE.  Read KOMO4’s story HERE.

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