Time Running Out to Complete the NE Seattle Community Treasures Survey

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Time is running out to take the the NE Seattle Community Treasures Survey so we can learn who, where, and what you treasure in NE Seattle.

Not familiar with the NE Seattle Community Treasures Survey?  Here are a few common questions.

Q: What is the NE Seattle Community Treasures Survey?

A: The NE Seattle Community Treasures Survey is a way of learning about what ‘WE’ value and hold dear in our community.  It helps us learn what things, places, people, institutions, natural beauty, and more create the character that defines our community.  It was created by the Pomegranate Center as a quick way to share history and learn from each other given that people move 11.7 times in their lifetime on average, often taking that local knowledge with them.

Q: Why fill out this survey?  What will the information be used for?

A: Great question!  We encourage you to fill out the survey so we can identify those things that we value and bring joy and character to our communities.  How we use it is also exciting.  The imagery of those community treasures identified will be infused into the site design and art of the Hunter Farms Gathering Place Project.  However, there are other potential projects (e.g. murals and more) that we can use this information to help provide direction and further solidify the culture that defines our great NE Seattle neighborhood.

Q: Who can fill out the survey?

A: You!  Oh, your neighbors, your kids, your parents, friends, teacher, students, soccer coach, voice instructor, grocery bagger, Realtor, dog walker, and anyone else with this link.  We can’t exclude anyone from filling it out, but we recommend that you live in NE Seattle.  Would you prefer to fill out a hard copy of the survey?  No problem, download it here and email » your responses.

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