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Become a WCC Member Today!

The WCC needs your help to continue serving our community. If you’re interested in getting involved and serving as a trustee, serving in a leadership position, or if you’d just like some more information, please contact us ». You don’t need any prior experience, all you need is a desire to be involved in your community.

You probably already knew that the WCC is a non-profit that advocates on behalf of the Wedgwood community.  However, did you know that the WCC is only as effective as our membership allows?  The recommended $20/family annual membership dues are HUGE in maintaining an effective WCC .  So are you and your family members of the WCC?

Why become a member?

Not only do membership dues sustain an effective and proactive community council to represent the Wedgwood community at large, but members also get a copy of Wedgwood’s newsletter, the Echo, mailed directly to them and able to vote in trustee elections and changes to bylaws.

How’s the WCC representing Wedgwood right now?

Great question!  There’s lots of ways the WCC is representing Wedgwood right now with more projects and plans in the works…  Here are just a few of things we’re up to right this moment:

  • Pursuing grants and other funds to improve Wedgwood through such projects as the Hunter Farm Gather Place project.
  • Currently working with the community and Seattle Parks and Recreation to acquire and develop a new park for north Wedgwood.
  • Developed a unified Vision Plan for Wedgwood through close coordination with the greater Wedgwood community.
  • Maintain a thriving land use committee to proactively work with developers (e.g., Safeway and Wood Partners) while carrying out the principals and priorities of the Vision Plan.
  • Advocating on behalf of the community when projects are proposed that could adversely effect the community at large, such as the Pandora Adult Cabaret.
  • Advocating for new sidewalks and pedestrian safety improvements.
  • Creating an Emergency Preparedness Action Plan for the community.
  • Editing, printing, and distributing the Wedgwood Echo newsletter.
  • Supporting annual community events, such as the Outdoor Cinema and business Trick-or-Treat.
  • Funding such things as t-shirts and other goods to help identify/brand Wedgwood.
Whoa!  That’s advocacy in action!  So please consider showing your support today for the WCC by becoming a member or renewing your membership online.

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