Signal Revision Complete at 35th & 75th

Earlier this week, SDOT completed a signal revision at 35th Ave NE and NE 75th Street, next to Wedgwood’s Safeway, to install left turn signals for east/west bound traffic. According to Valerie Lee with SDOT’s Signal Operations Group, the ‘protect and permissive left turn signal phasing’ should improve traffic safety. Many thanks to SDOT for considering traffic safety improvements in Wedgwood.

2 Replies to “Signal Revision Complete at 35th & 75th”

  1. Any progress on marking the crosswalk at 35th Ave. N.E. and N.E. 80th St. (Fruit Lady, church, and Post Office) crossing.

    And a heart-felt thank you to the 3% of drivers that actually yield to pedestrians. You’ll know me because I offer two thank-you waves, and a smile.

  2. That crosswalk was ranked as the 3rd amongst several pedestrian/street improvement projects by the Northeast District Council. There are a couple more rounds of consideration, but we are hopeful that the project is funded.

    While the City is in a budget crisis at the moment, much of the funds that goes towards these projects is from voter-approved funds. Also, the SDOT finds themselves with about $20 million more than they were expecting this year ( So we remain hopeful for this relatively cheap project.

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