Speaking of Strip Clubs…Rick's Has Officially Been Sold

The SeattleCrime.com blog has posted that the winning bid for the former Rick’s Strip Club, north of Wedgwood along Lake City Way and NE 115th Street, has been sold for $2.35 million.  Additionally, the Talent’s West office building that also belonged to the Colacurcios was sold for $600,000.  There was no official notice who the winning bidder was and whether it would remain a strip club.

Joe Walker, the owner of Pandora’s Adult Cabaret, worked for Talents West for 27 years and was the head DJ at Rick’s Strip Club until its closing last year.  There has been no response yet from the City to the email and letter that the WCC, Maple Leaf Community Council, and Stratford at Maple Leaf submitted on June 15th and July 21st, respectively, contesting the permit for the Pandora Adult Cabaret.

UPDATE: The Seattle PI has a great article, complete with pictures of the auction, describing the sale of the Rick’s Strip Club site, which is believed to have been won by the ownership of the Deja Vu strip club chain.

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