Tully's Coffee Announce "Taste of Community" Highlighting Hunter Farms

Those of us involved in the Hunter Farm Gathering Place project know just how great this project will be for NE Seattle.  However, this isn’t the only great Gathering Place project that the Pomegranate Center is involved in.  They’ve got 4 projects going on around greater Seattle at the same time through the Gathering Places Grant partnership that they’ve established with Tully’s Coffee.  The four projects include:

  1. Hunter Farm Project, NE Seattle
  2. Mercer Island Library Discovery Trail, Mercer Island
  3. Sumner Main Street Alley Project, Sumner
  4. Kirkland 132nd Square Park, Kirkland

This innovative partnership between Tully’s Coffee and the Pomegranate Center has been so successful, the two of them have teamed up for a nationwide project called, Taste of Community.  Check out more about the project in the video below and keep your eye out for the Hunter Family’s little red chalet!

Tully’s Coffee and Pomegranate Center: Taste of Community from Tully's Coffee on Vimeo.

The Hunter Farm Gathering Place project is still gearing up for our August 18-21 Community Build.  However, it has been an honor to be part of this project and to have worked with the Pomegranate Center and shared in the generosity of Tully’s Coffee.  It’s exciting to see the Pomegranate Center and Tully’s Coffee take this partnership to a new level.

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