Plenty of Time and Ways to Donate to the Hunter Farm Gathering Place Project

Are you excited about the Hunter Farm Gathering Place project but aren’t super excited about building movable benches, decorating poles, or painting banners amongst other awesome improvements that will be going on?  Not to worry, there are still lots of ways for you to get involved and make the project a success. Here’s just a few ideas:

  • Buy a PERSONALIZED TILE for $35! Or just donate money to the project!
  • Donate food and beverages for the volunteers! The Wedgwood Presbyterian Church’s kitchen is available if you need.  Also, there will be plenty of delicious Tully’s Coffee.
  • Bring your musical prowess or other entertainment to the site and wow us while we work! (We already have two bands already planning to play on our new stage on Friday and Saturday night)
  • Are you a chiropractor, masseuse, psychiatrist? Come on out during the evenings and help our volunteers unwind after a long day of volunteering.
  • Help staff our volunteer check-in booth throughout the day.
  • Are you a photographer? Come on out and document the project with your unique view.  (The WCC would love it if you shared your photos!)
  • Whatever you can imagine, I’m sure we’d love it!

If you’re donating services that you provide professionally, we’re happy to put up a banner or something to thank you if you’d like to use this as a way to market your business.  We can also provide a tax deductible receipt for most types of materials and services (of course financial donations too).  All you need to do is email » Per Johnson to coordinate. The opportunities to get involved are nearly endless.

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