Emergency HUB planned for Hunter Farms Gathering Place Makes National News

Back on June 11th, the NE Seattle community identified a need which could be accommodated into the Hunter Farm Gathering Place project design.  The need was an Emergency HUB where NE Seattle residents could come to if there was a disaster to communicate with the City as well as share news and supplies.  Unbeknownst to the Wedgwood Community Council, the City’s Department of Neighborhoods was planning on limited the upcoming round of Small & Simple Grants to emergency preparedness, which Bill Dock with the WCC is planning on applying for.  It’s this kind of domino or ripple effect, which King 5 News and MSNBC picked up on, that makes the Tully’s Coffee & Pomegranate Center’s Gathering Place grant so important for communities for Wedgwood and NE Seattle in general.

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