Day 1 of the Hunter Farm Community Build

What a day!  Thanks to the nearly 150 people that can out today to lend a hand in the Hunter Farm Community Build.  We were able to make some incredible progress with everyone’s help.  With everyone pitching in, we were able to:

  • Build and paint 30 bird houses,
  • Paint all of the tall poles on site,
  • Build about 1/2 of the 20 movable benches,
  • Start painting the banners (made from 2 donated sails),
  • Begin preparing the planting beds,
  • Cut the tall poles that were installed 2 weeks ago,
  • Prepare holes for a pole fence in the NE corner of the site,
  • and drink some Tully’s coffee.

Today (Day 2) is shaping up for another great day.  One of our goals for the day is to get done with movable stage so a local bluegrass band, Artichoke Ridge, can perform from 6:30 – 8ish.  All are welcome to come and enjoy!

Tomorrow (Day 3) will also be a fun day which will close with music on the stage by Podorhythmie, a French Canadian band.  They’ll be playing on the stage from 7 to 8ish.  Again, all are welcome.

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