Overwhelming Turn Out for the Hunter Farm Community Build

SAVE THE DATE: Tully’s Coffee will be throwing a Grand Opening Bash on Saturday, September 17th at 3:30pm at the site to celebrate.  Yes, there will be coffee amongst other great bash-related things.  More information in the coming days.

We knew going into this thing that there were risks.  Applying for a grant to build a gathering place on a private property is risky, even if you have the property owners blessing, is risky business.  Then there’s some inherent difficulties with the Hunter Tree Farm site that further challenged the design and process.  However, perhaps the biggest risk is not knowing what sort of response the community would have to a project like this and whether folks would come out during arguably Seattle’s finest summer days to build this community place.  However, over the past 4 days, the NE Seattle community has shown just how amazing it is.  Community build built community.

If you’d like to say ‘thanks’ to the Hunter Family, Pomegranate Center, or Tully’s Coffee and let them know just how much the project means to you or the community, feel free to mail them to the Wedgwood Community Council at PO Box 15770, Seattle, WA 98115 and we’ll include it with others that we received.

Today, the NE Seattle community dug in and wrapped up the community build in fine fashion.  The site has transformed in 4 days into a site that welcomes formal and informal community events thanks to generosity of Hunter Family, Tully’s Coffee, the Pomegranate Center, and your neighbors.

Many, many, many thanks to everyone who participated in the community build and shared in this adventure. Hopefully, this project encourages you to become more involved in your community.  In NE Seattle, we have several community councils who do excellent work on your behalf.  We encourage you to become members of your local community council, whether it’s the Wedgwood Community Council, the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association, View Ridge Community Council, or others.

Check out some of the great photos from the build!  For more photos, check out our Facebook page or both the Pomegranate Center and Tully’s Coffee Facebook pages.  If you have photos from the project you’d like to share, please email » them to us.  We’d love to see them.

FAQs On the Site as We move Forward

Q1:  Is the project finished?
A1:  Almost.  There is a bit of unfinished business, but nothing a good work party can’t wrap up.  If you’re interested in helping out a bit more or didn’t get a chance to help out these past 4 days, please email » us.

Q2:  How is the site going to be maintained or how do we book the site for events?
A2:  Great question!  There are several of us who have been asking that very question and who are trying to think through this so it is sustainable, easy for folks who want to use the site, and doesn’t burden the Hunter Family.  If you’re interested in thinking through this with us, please email » us.

2 Replies to “Overwhelming Turn Out for the Hunter Farm Community Build”

  1. I am trying to find “normal” now that the four-day project is over. But my “normal” is different now. I desire to be with, and will seek out, my friends and neighbors — my community — that I got to know personally as we worked together on the Hunter Farm project. I am part of that place now. I am part of my community now. I didn’t have to wait for a disaster or crisis to see support from my community. My friends are now the children and young adults I worked with — some who changed my thinking on the future of this world. They are bright, articulate, and unafraid of challenges. I am now less insulated in my own adult peer group and know that there will be great people to build and sustain an America I love. My friends are now the people who are already building and sustaining our communities, the hundreds of people that gave their heart and soul to make the Hunter Farm a “gathering place.” I am greatly indebted to the people from our Seattle businesses who volunteered their time and their resources to make this happen. I will shop in these businesses now with a new sense of purpose. I am in awe of the talent in our NE Seattle community and the spirit of giving. Thank you to all of those who knew how to use power tools and could follow plans and determine 90 degree angles, to those who have muscles that work well and could dig and lift, to those who could sing and dance in front of a crowd, to those who could direct others and to those who could follow. You are all part of my new “normal” and I can’t wait to join you again soon.

  2. The benches are fantastic; am curious to see how they are maintained and how much vandalism they have had; what will they look like in the years to come and is the Hunter family responsible for them. Would love to see more if they work.

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