Community Celebration for Nathan Hale High School's Rebuild on Saturday, October 15th

The Nathan Hale High School Foundation is throwing a party on AND YOU’RE INVITED this coming Saturday, October 15th from 10AM – 1PM.

To celebrate the completion of the school’s new building, the NHHS Foundation is inviting the community to tour the new building and reconnect with friends, neighbors, staff, and alumni.  More information on the celebration can be found HERE.  Consider this your formal invitation.

On Behalf of the Nathan Hale High School Foundation I welcome you: our neighbors, parents, students, alumni, current and former staff to the All Community Celebration. We celebrate the completion of what is a truly remarkable transformation. The school now physically supports and embodies the same Coalition of Essential Schools’ principles that our staff and students live out each day. Congratulations to the school and the district staff, the design team and contractors. Your successful efforts have produced an amazing new facility.

When I joined the Nathan Hale community as a parent in 2002, I found Nathan Hale to be a community that has a home and a role for each of us, not just students! I am continually impressed with the sense of creativity and accomplishment that our students and staff display. This does not happen by accident. It takes a coherent philosophy, hard work, intentional actions and lots of support to sustain a community that is this vibrant. This is why I joined the Nathan Hale High School Foundation early in my tenure as a parent and community member. It is why I chose to serve on the Foundation today even after my son and daughter have graduated.

As you tour the building and the grounds and marvel at the transformation you see, I invite you to be reminded of how effective Nathan Hale is at creating a purposeful and supportive learning environment, educating our students and sustaining a community. I also invite you to join me as a member of the Nathan Hale High School Foundation to support continued excellence for the school and our students.
Yours in public education,

Rob Beem,
Nathan Hale High School Foundation

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