Mayor McGinn Hosts a Road Safety Summit

In light of the deaths of several bicyclists who have been hit by cars over the past year, Mayor McGinn and members of the City Council are hosting a Road Safety Summit to discuss what can be done.  The summit will focus on three questions:

  1. What do you think are the highest priority safety problems to solve on Seattle roads?
  2. What do you think are the most important things to do to make Seattle roads safer?
  3. We often talk about what government can do to promote safety. What are the ways that non-governmental groups and individuals can promote safety?

The following is from the mayor’s release (with some formatting):

Working together, we will develop a shared citywide commitment to safety and an action plan that will lead to safer streets for all.

This Road Safety Summit consists of three gatherings that are open to the public:

Public Forum #1

Monday, October 24th, 6-8pm in the Bertha K. Landes room at City Hall. RSVP

Public Forum #2

Tuesday, November 15th, 6-8pm at the Northgate Community Center. RSVP

Public Forum #3

Monday, November 21st, 6-8pm at the Southwest Community Center. RSVP

The forums will consist of a short presentation of background data and then discussions about these three questions in smaller groups. You will submit your comments at the end of the discussion period. These public forums are identical in format; to give input and participate you only need to attend one.

Final Road Safety Summit Meeting: Next Steps

Monday, December 12th, 6-8pm in the Bertha K. Landes room at City Hall. RSVP

This meeting is open to the public. The Summit Workgroup will present their proposed next steps for improving traffic safety on Seattle’s streets.

Please RSVP to the events you can attend. Visit the Road Safety Summit website for more details.

We ask that you:

  • Participate in the process with good faith effort, following the process outlined by conveners and facilitators to produce a successful effort with positive public outcomes
  • Listen to what other participants are saying and appreciate that there are multiple viewpoints to these complicated topics

If you have questions, please email » Rebecca.

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