A Final Goodbye to Senator Scott White

Over a thousand friends, family, colleagues, and constituents turned out on Sunday, November 6th, at Meany Hall to reflect back on the late Senator Scott White and say a final goodbye.  Many of Scott’s friends and colleagues shared their memories of him and his positive attitude.  Several stories have been written that do a better job than I can of capturing the event and the loss of the late Senator.

KOMO 4 reports on the memorial service (with video).

KING 5 reports on the memorial service (with video).

The UW Daily shares their memories of Senator White and his continued service to UW.

Councilmember Sally Bagshaw shares a wonderful tribute to Scott White on her BLOG.

Remember the White Family Moving Forward

Those that have lost loved ones may remember the love and joy shared immediately after a tragic event as friends and family pay their tributes.  As the days and weeks pass, life moves on and the outpouring of sympathy slowly disappears.  Remember the White Family moving forward.  There have been several ways for you to help the White Family, all of which can be read on the “Remembering Sen. Scott White” Facebook page.  The following are snip-its for those that aren’t on Facebook.


Please share any photos you have of Scott to help us create memory books for the kids. Please send pictures in the highest resolution you can via email at rememberingscottwhite at gmail.com.

Stories of Scott:

It’s so important that Scott’s family has the stories from his life. Please share yours by leaving a tribute at this memorial page, or by emailing your stories to rememberingscottwhite at gmail.com.

Scholarship Fund:

A scholarship fund has been established for Scott & Alison’s children. To contribute please go to a Wells Fargo branch or send contributions to:

Scott White Memorial Fund at Wells Fargo
PO Box 95675
Seattle, WA 98145-2675

Account Number: 1559550528
Routing Number: 125008547

Meal Support:

In addition to the many home cooked meals that have been shared with the White’s there is a made to order food service that you can contribute to. Please call TasteofAmazing.com at 425-867-1516 and add funds to the account ‘ALISONWHITE’.

Suggested Charity Donations:

Donations in memory of Scott’s life and legacy are suggested to:

Wedgewood Elementary PTSA via PayPal


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