Lots of Meetings Planned this Week!

For those that love meetings, you’re in luck.  There’s several meetings this week throughout the NE Seattle vicinity, all of which are important.

  • Road Safety Summit – Join the Mayor and others to discuss ways to make the roads safer for everyone, especially our cyclists and walkers.  Meeting tonight (Tues, 11/15) at 6PM at Northgate Community Center.
  • North Link, Montlake Noise & Vibration Meeting – Join Sound Transit to discuss the issues of noise and vibration experienced in the Montlake neighborhood from the ongoing tunneling efforts.  Meeting tonight (Tues, 11/15) from 5:30-7PM at the Montlake Community Center.
  • North Link, Brooklyn Station Open House Preliminary Construction Plans – Sound Transit is hosting a meeting on the construction of the new Link station in the University District.  Meeting tomorrow (Wed, 11/16) at 6:30PM at the Neptune Theater.
  • Sustainable NE Seattle Home Weatherization Meeting – Learn practical and affordable ways to make your home more efficient during these cold months from local weatherization expert, Joel Gregory.  Meeting Thursday (11/17) from 6:30-9PM (bring cookies to share for social hour at the start).

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