REMINDER: School Capacity Meeting Tonight, 6PM at Eckstein

This is a reminder for those concerned about the School District’s capacity management planning, that there is the 2nd of 3 capacity planning community meetings tonight at Eckstein Middle School from 6PM to 7:30PM.

As shared earlier, the District is scrambling to accommodate a surge in enrollment.  Based on the presentation materials recently posted on the School District’s Capacity Management and Planning webpage, potential short term options include (see Slide 26 of 34 of this presentation):

  • Adding 1 portable to Wedgwood Elementary
  • Moving the audiology lab from View Ridge to Lowell
  • Reducing the kindergarten back to 2, and modify geozone.

Previous options described in this presentation included adding 4 portables at Thornton Creek Elementary and Bryant Elementary over the next four years.   It’s unclear if this is still an option since these community meetings appear to focus on short term solutions.

If you plan on going and live-tweeting from the meeting, please comment below so we can follow along.  We’ve asked the school district to share a Twitter (#)hashtag that folks can use so we can follow along too.  We’ll update this post if we find out whether they’ll do this.

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