A Slew of School Stories

Over the past couple weeks, holidays and life have kept us from sharing several school-related stories.  We’ve tried to wrap up all these stories into a single-post.  This could be the Iron Man equivalent of blog posting.

Report Cards

First, kudos again go to our NE Seattle Schools for their excellent report cards.  Last year, we shared the exciting news that Wedgwood-area schools were some of Seattle’s best schools during the 2009-2010 school year with Wedgwood Elementary, Thornton Creek, and View Ridge Elementary all receiving a 5 out of 5 in what the district calls segmentation level.  Only 12 schools in the City achieved this highest score.  Eckstein Middle School, Bryant Elementary, Laurelhurst Elementary, and Roosevelt High School recieved a  4 out of 5.  Nathan Hale received a 3.

During the middle of last month, the School District released the most current score cards for each school in the district for the 2010-2011 school year, along with the District Score Card.  Students, faculty, and parents of Wedgwood-area schools will be pleased to know that Wedgwood Elementary and Thornton Creek Elementary again received a segmentation level score of 5 out of 5.  Laurelhurst Elementary, Eckstein Middle School, and Roosevelt High School remained a 4.

Wedgwood-area schools who’s segmentation level score has changed since the last report include:

Congratulations to all of these schools for such great performances.

Thornton Creek is the Most Innovative

Speaking of great performances, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) designated Thornton Creek Elementary as one of the State’s most innovative school’s of the year.  View Ridge KOMO has a great story covering the event.  Congratulations to the teachers, staff, and everyone involved with the Site Council.  Bravo!

Capacity Management Planning

The School District has been experiencing a surge in enrollment and are quickly trying to identify solutions to what they believe will be an increasing problem in years to come.  Last week, the District held their 2nd of 3 Capacity and Management Planning Meetings at Eckstein Middle School.  While we couldn’t make it to the meeting, our review of the meeting’s presentation (see Slide 26 of 34 of this presentation) appears to suggest that potential short-term solutions to the Eckstein Service Area include:

  • Adding 1 portable to Wedgwood Elementary
  • Moving the audiology lab from View Ridge to Lowell
  • Reducing the kindergarten back to 2, and modify geozone.

New School District Representatives

The elections have been verified and congratulations are in order for the new and reelected school district representatives.  The newly elected representative include Sharon Peaslee and Marty McLaren.

A Call to Service

The Seattle School District and City of Seattle are looking for volunteers to serve on several committees relating to our schools and the education of our youth.  The School District have two committees where they are seeking  community volunteers:

Meanwhile, the City Council is looking for community volunteers to serve on the Families and Education Levy Oversight Committee, which voters passed during this last election.

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