6 Separate Buildings to Replace the Infamous “Green” House Along 35th Ave NE

It’s been given several affectionate nicknames or monikers, but the green house located at 7321 NE 35th Street, immediately south of the Sunshine Cleaners and across from Zaw’s Artisan Pizza, appears to be heading for redevelopment.  A Notice of Application was installed at the site and posted on the Department of Planning and Development’s (DPD’s) Land Use Information Bulletin.

According to the Notice of Application, the project proposes to demolish the existing house and “allow four residential and two live/work structures (6 buildings total) in an environmentally critical area. Surface parking for four vehicles to be provided.

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The following are some general observations and comments on the project, which appears not to have submitted a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Checklist to date although it will be required.

  • The “environmental critical area” mentioned is believed to be a steep slope  with 40% or greater slope, which is mapped along the site’s frontage.
  • Plans for the project have not been seen, but it appears from the description that there will be 6 individual buildings, 2 of which will be live/work units (no retail space provided)
  • It’s not clear what the total parking provided will be since it says only 4 surface parking spaces are proposed.
  • The site zoning is NC2-30, which limits height at 30 feet.
  • The parcel (Parcel #3290800250) was purchased in 2002 by Brace Samual et al. and transfered to Brace Properties LLC in 2006.

The ‘green’ house is located within the Ravenna-Byant Community Association’s boundary, which extends south from NE 75th Street.  We have reached out to the RBCA’s Land Use Committee to hear their thoughts on this property and the proposed project.

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