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Receiving the Wedgwood Echo newsletter in your mailbox every other month is the one tangible benefit of becoming a WCC member.  In case the joy and overwhelming feeling of peace that comes over you from supporting your active neighborhood council isn’t enough, receiving the Wedgwood Echo has always been that extra incentive.* Typically, this newsletter is mailed out to all members while a few extra copies are scattered around Wedgwood’s businesses shortly after its publication.  The back issues of the newsletter are then posted on our Online Archive.  However, it turns out that printing and postage for these newsletters every other month is rather expensive.

We believe that there are still many people in Wedgwood that prefer or can only access the paper version of the Wedgwood Echo.  Yet the WCC has been asking ourselves whether we should continue the paper copy given the costs; the resources it requires; and the other sources of Wedgwood-related news like our blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and email listserves.   So, this month we’re posting the January 2012 edition of the Wedgwood Echo online and asking for your thoughts.

In November 2011, the Wedgwood community (or at least readers of our blog) updated us on their priorities.  While we didn’t ask about whether or not receiving paper copies of the newsletter was a priority, it was clear that those who responded have several priorities and using membership dues effectively is very important.  So, let us know if you have a strong preference in the Comment Section below.

*Emotional side effects differ amongst those who join the WCC.

2 Replies to “Read the January 2012 Edition of the Wedgwood Echo Newsletter”

  1. Thanks for the comment, Deirdre!

    We have email listserves where we periodically email out information relating to specific topics. We haven’t yet put together an email list for our Echo newsletter. That may happen down the road. We’ll look into putting an email subscription tool on the website so you can see new posts in your inbox. Otherwise, I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed in a RSS reader (e.g., Google Reader or Outlook).

    Keep the comments coming! It’s the most effective way we can hear from the community.

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