Meeting on Monday, January 23rd, to Unveil the Picardo P-Patch Expansion Plans

Picardo P-Patch Expansion Plan Unveiling: Monday, January 23 from 7 – 9 pm at U prep School 8000 25th Ave

According to the post on our WCC Facebook Page by the Picardo Farm P-Patch Facebook Page, there is a meeting on Monday, January 23rd to unveil the P-patch’s expansion plans.  As we reported earlier, the park received a Neighborhood Matching Fund Small and Simple Grant and held an initial public meeting in October 2011.

The following what was posted on the WCC Facebook Page (formatting done by WCC):

Join us to view the new design for the south field at Picardo Farm P-Patch. Monday, January 23 from 7 – 9 pm at U prep School 8000 25th Ave. NE Seattle. Come learn about the new path plans, irrigation system, food bank beds, bamboo and mushroom gardens, art mural on the wall and educational signage, the new pathway and enhancements to the south hillside. See the details for the transformation of our pumpkin patch into a full blown Children’s Garden! We will have Nick Morin from Barker Landscape Architects and Jessi Bloom from NW Bloom present to share our plans. Get involved with the transformation! For questions please email » Milt or call 206-525-9556.

A bit more history on the project can be found on Jessi Bloom’s Garden Fowl blog.  Jessi, is owner of NW Bloom and according to her Pinterest Profile is a “Landscape Designer-tree hugging Arborist-Organic Horticulturist-Farm Girl-Mama-chicken loving-author of Chicken Gardens out this winter!” is responsible for the design of the Children’s Garden.  She’s established a Pinterest Pin Board with some really fantastic concepts and ideas of things to incorporate into the Children’s Garden.  Take a peek!

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