Introducing Jasper: The Name of Wedgwood's Newest Apartment Building

Harking back to the “origin of Wedgwood,” Wood Partners has unveiled their chosen name for Wedgwood’s new apartment building at 35th and 86th, according to Wood Partners.  Jasper is scheduled to be completed in July 2012 and is’ announcement.  Jasper will have 91 units, 7 of which will be live-work units along the ground floor.  It is being built to Built Green Standards and will feature Energy Star appliances, a roof deck and fitness center.

Why Jasper? We chose the name Jasper to connect directly to the origin of Wedgwood. The neighborhood was named in the 1940s by its developer, Albert Balch, to honor his wife’s favorite English china-maker, Wedgwood. A direct descendant of 17th-century New England settler John Balch, Albert paid tribute to his heritage by originally designing the houses in the Cape Cod style; all purposely being distinctive in some way.

Jasperware is a type of stoneware first developed by Josiah Wedgwood. Noted for its matte finish and produced in a number of different colors, of which the best known is a pale blue hue that is now recognized as ‘Wedgwood Blue.’ Look above and you’ll see the color directly reflected in the Jasper logo.

In other Jasper news, Wood Partners has also informed the Land Use Committee that they have chosen Indigo Real Estate to manage the apartment building.  Indigo manages several apartment communities in Puget Sound, including the TraVigne and Landes apartments in Seattle.

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  1. Really? The Wedgwood Community Council is giving unfiltered free PR to this project, a project that the WCC publically said it doesn’t support because there is no ground floor retail?

    On a side note, ‘Jaspar’ is also the name we’ve given to the sediment from this project that has been flowing down our street for the past few months. What a coincidence.

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