Rash of Daring Burglaries Still Tormenting North Seattle

UPDATE 4 (3-8-12): The Seattle Police have confirmed that they have arrested a 21 year old during a break in on Wednesday (3-7-12) afternoon.  The suspect used a garage door opener he had allegedly stolen the night before from the victims car to break into the home while the victim was home.  Detectives arrested the suspect in the victim’s backyard.

UPDATE 3 (3-8-12): The Seattle PI is reporting that the Police have arrested a suspect in connection with a string of burglaries in North Seattle.  One arrest has been made yet investigates suspect other suspects may have been involved.

UPDATE 2 (3-6-12): Yet another burglary occurred over the night in North Seattle.  This time, the woman at home was awaken by a voice saying “Let’s go.”  Car keys and electronics were stolen again.  Point of entry again was an unlocked back door.

UPDATE 1 (3-6-12): Another North Seattle burglary occurred this morning at an occupied home.  Entry was gained through an unlocked door patio door.  Electronics, car keys, and a car were stolen while a family of 4 was at home.  Keep your eyes out for a gray 2011, Audi A4, WA License “ADZ8091.”

A rash of daring burglaries over the past few weeks throughout North Seattle triggered a warning and call for vigilance by the Seattle Police on March 2nd.  Burglars have been breaking into occupied homes and stealing all sorts of things, including car keys and then making off with cars.

At the same time, the police appear to have been capturing burglars in the act in homes(see here and here).  However, yesterday there was a burglary around 6:20AM in Wedgwood.  According to the Police, electronic items were stolen as was a 2004 Toyota.

Please remember to lock your doors and windows.  Also, as always, please keep your eyes out for any unusual activity.

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