Have Police Caught the North Seattle Serial Burglar?

UPDATE: Maple Leaf Life has just posted information on the suspect as well, including the fact that the suspect has 15 felony convictions and couldn’t be responsible for those burglaries after March 6th.

A string of “daring” burglaries have occurred throughout North Seattle in recent weeks.  So many in fact that the Police issued a call to vigilance and reminded folks to lock their windows and doors.  Over the past couple weeks, the police have arrested a couple different suspects.  Now, North Seattle KOMO is reporting that Police think they’ve arrested a prolific burglar responsible for at least two of the occupied burglaries.

According to KOMO, the suspect is an 18 year old by the name of Maxfield P. Dare (Is it just me, or does ‘Max Dare’ sound like a pseudonym?).  Prosecutors describe Mr. Dare as a “notorious serial residential burglar and car thief whose modus operandi was to break into victims’ homes, steal things, then steal their cars.”  Mr. Dare is being held on $400,000 bail.

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