A tour of the new Jasper

On Tuesday evening, May 22, members of the Wedgwood Community Council were given a “hardhat tour” of the new Jasper Apartments at 8606 35th Ave NE.  A “hardhat tour” means that we wore hardhats and orange reflective vests while going through the building.  We saw apartments in various stages of completion as well as the amenities of the Jasper such as an interior courtyard, rooftop garden, and entry which will have seating areas for small-group gatherings.

Nic Nobili, Assistant Manager, pictured at left (blue shirt) showed us the great variety of floorplans available at the Jasper, with apartment sizes ranging from studio to two-bedroom.  There are also live/work units on the ground floor which can function as storefronts or professional offices.  Photos of the Jasper’s interior, floor plans and pricing can be found at the website:  http://www.jasperbyalta.com/

Pictured at right (red jacket) is Per Johnson, president of the Wedgwood Community Council and chairman of the land use committee.  As the Jasper Apartment project continues toward completion, the WCC will continue to interact and work with the Jasper on issues of how the building will impact life in Wedgwood.   When completed the Jasper will have on-site management and maintenance.  Presently 20 of the 91 apartment units are rented with many future residents eager to move in on or near the target completion date of July 10th.  The Jasper is working to minimize traffic and crowding by limiting move-ins to three per day, to be finished by 6 PM daily.

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  1. Why not show photos from the neighboring house’s points of views. How about the house on NE 87th that is now surrounded on two sides by a 4 story building. Or how about showing the damage from construction on our side of the street? Or share with everyone our letters about sediment release during construction? Those would at least provide a balanced point of view from a group that is supposed to represent the whole community (big developer and little home owner).

    You say, “the WCC will continue to interact and work with the Jasper on issues of how the building will impact life in Wedgwood.” – but what exactly have you accomplished? Have you secured retail on the ground-floor, did you help reduce the scope of this building, have you secured any support from this partner towards making that park a reality.?

    Just curious, what besides providing free advertising for this project have you done? Please, enlighten me.

    1. Greg, Thanks for your comment!

      We have tried to be fair in our characterization of the Jasper project throughout its planning and construction. I’m sorry you do not feel the same way. We’ve provided photos (usually monthly) of the project from all angles (see the Photosynths on previous posts) and have linked to the Wedgwood Action Group’s blog (http://www.wedgwoodaction.com/), which has periodically posted photos of the sediment release down 87th, late night/early morning construction noise, and other issues associated with the construction. Whenever we have had questions or problems, Exxel and their subcontractors have been prompt in the response and correction.

      While we worked with the developer, reached out to potential retail businesses, and expressed our disappointment in the lack of retail space, the WCC has never had any leverage to require ground floor retail. Seattle’s code considers “live/work” to be a form of commercial and the reality of the market conditions made it very difficult that anything was going to change that. As for the new park, that’s not being held up by the Jasper or its developer. It’s on hold because of the Parks Department and we can’t change the time frame on that (unless you can close the Parks maintenance budget gap or convince the Parks Director to change his moratorium on new park construction until that budget gap is closed).

      Now that the Jasper project is nearly complete, we have 91 new residences that are going to join our neighborhood and a full time management firm that will be on site. We look forward to welcoming them into the neighborhood in July. As I’m also a neighbor, I’ll also look forward to not hearing the “back up beepers” in the morning and the other inconveniences of the construction.

  2. I commend the Wedgwood Community Council and the subcommittees, including land use and parks, for all the work they’ve put into development issues in the Wedgwood neighborhood. Since the first heads-up in 2007 that a new building would be built at 8606 35th Ave NE, the community council has followed every avenue of communication, appeal and negotiation with the City of Seattle process, and with the developer. I know, because I’ve been here and I’ve participated in the process all the way along. Now that the Jasper Building is nearing completion, our goal is continued good communication and welcoming the apartment residents who are becoming “Wedgwoodians.” See my blog article, “From Oneida to Jasper,” about a similar situation sixty years ago: http://WedgwoodinSeattleHistory.com/

  3. I’m very concerned about property values and quality
    Of life for residents on 87th in the block closest
    To the building. Without curbs, it’s challenging to enforce
    Parking regulations. Noise will also impact those residents. I have also been on a tour and the in-building parking does NOT come with apartments. Instead, residents must pay extra. Rent is very high in this building with no limit on the number of residents per unit. What can we do about these concerns?

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