Seattle Public School District Releases the Final BEX IV Levy Environmental Impact Statement

On May 21st, we wrote about how the Seattle School District was considering building a new attendance area K-8 school on the existing Thornton Creek Elementary School site.  This proposal was included in all 3 action alternatives within the Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) Levy.  The new school would be located in the general area as the existing ball fields.  Thornton Creek Elementary would remain an alternative school.

There were very few details that we could provide during that time.  Not much has substantively changed since then either.  However, we have provided a relatively detailed account of the development of this proposal from the perspective of the Thornton Creek Elementary Site Council (their version of a PTA).

While we are still working on getting more information from Seattle Public Schools, the District has issued their Final EIS for the BEX IV levy.  The Final EIS includes a few edits made to Draft EIS as well as all comments received and the District’s corresponding responses.  Given that we were only able to provide approximately 1 week of notice to the community before the comment period closed, it was clear that some in the community share some common concerns.

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