Read on: a Little Free Library (in your front yard)

In the past year a book-sharing movement called Little Free Libraries has been spreading across the USA.  The phenomenon began in Wisconsin with people who wanted to promote reading and find ways for neighbors to network with one another.  A website lists all the Little Free Library locations which are sent in to them.

The Little Free Library looks like a cupboard on a post, and when set up in your front yard, it is a way to share books with your neighbors.  Fill your free lending library box with the best you have to offer, and leave notes, if you like.  Some people use Post-its to write a summary or tell what the book meant to them; others leave a spiral notebook and pencil in their Little Free Library box for comments.   Doing this book-sharing project can give children a way to express their voice in the world of book commentary, and a way to contribute to their community on a level with adults.

A July 11, 2012 article in The Seattle Times newspaper told how the Little Free Libraries are helping people promote reading and get to know their neighbors.   Would Little Free Libraries work out well in Wedgwood?  Let us know if and when you put up your own Little Free Library or if you see one around the neighborhood (leave a comment here.)

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