This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday, August 7th) is the last day to submit your primary election ballots.  There are important initiatives, referendums, resolutions, and elected positions on the ballot.  There are lots of voter guides available online to help you, if you so choose, based on your personal interests and perspectives.  As a non-partisan group, however, we’ll let you search for those on your own.  But here’s the WA Secretary of State’s Online Voters Guide and the King County Online Voters Guide.

If you can’t get your ballot in the mail by August 7th, you can drop off your ballot at 1 of several ‘drop boxes’ throughout King County.  The closest drop box to Wedgwood is down at Magnuson Park off of the 74th Street entrance.  See photo of the drop box at the end of this post.

This will be the first election following State-wide redistricting.  If you’re curious what district you’re in now, you can search by your address here.

Also new this year and to this election is a Washington State Election Results ‘Ap’ from the Secretary of State, which is available for both iPhone and Android phones.  This ‘Ap’ allows you to follow those up-to-date results that you’re most interested in.

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