Seattle School District Releases its Latest Iteration of BEX IV Projects

The Seattle Public School District has sent out a letter summarizing their latest iteration of what’s included within the Building Excellence IV Capitol Levy (BEX IV levy), which will be voted on in February 2013. According to the letter, signed by the new Superintendent, José Banda, and Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Peggi McEvoy, more and more students are entering Seattle public schools.

Anticipating approximately 1,000 new students this year, we have been working hard to address our enrollment growth challenges.  Projections show continued year-to-year increases in our enrollment for the next five years and beyond. We estimate an enrollment of more than 57,000 students by the 2021-22 school year, if current trends continue.

The BEX IV Levy is intended to address their growing (no pun intended) capacity issues while improving safety and security, addressing poor building conditions, and providing greater flexibility for programs and services.  The District has released this list of projects to help solicit feedback from the community over a series of 3 community meetings/open houses beginning next week.  Using the community feedback, the District proposes to refine their BEX IV Levy proposal for the School Board to vote on in early November.

Of most concern to some Wedgwood residents, the latest list of projects (which the District emphasizes is not final) still includes:

Northeast Seattle elementary school: To meet growing capacity, add K-5 school on Thornton Creek site.

Also of interest to some residents is the following project that has since been removed from the list of recommended projects:

Jane Addams K-8: Will not move to Cedar Park.

Under its current form, the revised BEX IV Levy totals approximately $650 million.  The 3 upcoming community meetings/open houses for the revised BEX IV Levy will be held on the following dates.   You can also EMAIL your comments to the School District.

  • Thursday, Sept. 20, 6:30-8 p.m. at Whitman Middle School
  • Sept. 24, 6:30- 8 p.m. at Madison Middle School
  • Sept. 27, 6:30-8 p.m. at McClure Middle School

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  1. Thanks, Per, for keeping us updated on the District’s plan. I hope we can get a big turnout for the Sept. 20 meeting at Whitman Middle School in Shoreline. It is an opportunity to let them know there is a large neighborhood outcry about the plan for Thornton Creek School. And maybe, just maybe, we can get them to modify it.

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