City Council Wants to Hear About Your Priorities Ahead of Budget

We’d like to think the Seattle City Council got the idea from us, but that’s probably not true.  However, ahead of upcoming and always difficult City budget deliberations and negotiations, the City Council is asking to hear from you on what are your priorities.

Last week, the mayor unveiled his 2013/2014 budget proposal to the Council.  It’s now the responsibility of the Council to review the mayor’s budget proposal and work with his office to develop a budget that both the executive and legislative branches agree upon.  So, the Council wants to hear from you in order to help them craft a strong 2013-2014 budget that reflects our City’s priorities, effectively stewards our City’s revenue, and addresses the fiscal difficulties that the City is still dealing with.

The Council has 4 different methods for you to share your thoughts on priorities:

  1. Complete a brief online SURVEY.
  2. Send the Council an EMAIL ».
  3. Call the Council.
  4. Share your thoughts at an upcoming Public Hearing.

Take a moment and share your thoughts with the City Council and help them craft a strong budget proposal.

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