Community Power Works – A Brilliant Resource For Weatherization and Home Improvements

Have you ever said to yourself, “Geez, my furnace is super inefficient.” or “Whoa, is that a draft I just felt?” or “It would be nice to see through the condensation that’s developed on my single-pane windows.”  or “I wonder whether my house has any insulation in its walls?”  Well, there’s a phenomenal resource that’s offered to home owners and business within the City called Community Power Works that can help you resolve all of those issues and more!

CPW is a group that’s partnered with all sorts or great organizations, including the City and local financial institutions, to provide low cost ($95) home energy assessments and then can connect you with a contractor(s) to discuss various home improvements to improve the efficiency of your house with both rebates and financing with affordable rates.

There’s 3 easy steps to working through CPW.

Step 1: Sign up online and complete the discounted, $95 home assessment (valued at $400).
Step 2: Meet with a CPW-approved contractor to discuss improvements that are right for you and discuss the financing options and rebates that are available.
Step 3:  Complete the upgrades that are right for you.

As an example, since I’ve just gone through the whole process myself, I’ve been able to upgrade my old oil home furnace to a super-efficient mini heat pump system with no money down, thanks to one of their local lenders, and am now making low affordable payments through my Seattle City Light bill.  Easy.  And every contractor we dealt with was professional and did great work.

There’s a lot more that can be done though than just replacing furnaces.  If you’re interested in making your home more weatherized or efficient, look into CPW.  Councilmember Richard Concil has already too.

The Mystery of the Missing Heat from Seattle Community Power Works on Vimeo.

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