Join Your Neighbors on "Nextdoor Wedgwood"

The following is a guest post from Kim Tennican, a Wedgwoodian and a lead organizer of the Nextdoor Wedgwood website.

DISCLAIMER:  This is a non-WCC online social community.  While it provides a great opportunity to connect with your Wedgwood neighbors, you will receive emails when you neighbors post under the default settings. You can easily customize these settings though.

Please join us on Nextdoor Wedgwood, a free and private social network that makes it easy to stay informed about what’s happening in our neighborhood. helps you…

  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Share local recommendations
  • Lend, borrow and give away
  • Keep the neighborhood safe
  • Stay informed
  • Get involved

This website is relatively new but is taking off more broadly throughout Seattle.  Nextdoor Wedgwood currently has one of the highest participant counts in Seattle and we are hoping expand participation further.  As part of the registration, there is an address verification to ensure that only Wedgwood neighbors are included on the site and limits unwanted spam.  Please join the online Wedgwood community and tell your neighbors!

You can learn more about from their website and also from this article in the New York Times.

2 Replies to “Join Your Neighbors on "Nextdoor Wedgwood"”

    1. Nedra and Tom,
      Nextdoor Wedgwood is not a WCC site and requires you to sign up yourself. Please follow the link within the post to register.

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