Wedgwood's Newest Park One Step Closer To Becoming A Reality!

In 2008, Seattle residents passed the Parks and Green Spaces Levy, which set aside funds to acquire new park space in communities that are deficient in parks and open space…like Wedgwood!  In January 2011, about 150 people showed up to support the acquisition of a surplussed substation (Morningside Substation) owned by Seattle City Light at the northwest corner of 35th Ave NE and NE 86th Street.  Seattle City Light currently has a ground lease with a private party which subsequently leases its space to the CC and Company salon.  As we understand it, Seattle City Light has negotiated an end to the lease with the owner of the building.  CC & Company will therefore close its doors on October 28th.

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With the leases terminated, Seattle City Light will be able to move ahead with the clean up of a small area of surface contamination and clear the site prior to transferring to Seattle Parks and Recreation. Unfortunately for Wedgwood, a moratorium on new park development is still in place until the Parks Department can resolve maintenance funding.  But Seattle Parks and Recreation hopes to begin developing new parks again in the near- to mid-term, and has prioritized design and construction of the park at the Morningside site.  In the interim Wedgwood residents can look forward to open space on the site.  We hope to work with Seattle City Light on creative ways to stabilize the site following their cleaning and clearing activities so that it may be used by the community to some extent while we wait for the future park development. Be sure to check back periodically for updates on this exciting new development for Wedgwood!

3 Replies to “Wedgwood's Newest Park One Step Closer To Becoming A Reality!”

  1. I think as a service to C.C. and Company, as well as their clients, you should list the new salon location.

    Creative Hair Styling
    12056 15th Ave NE #C-1
    Seattle, WA 98125
    (206) 364-4420

    1. Sheryl, we were under the impression that “CC & Co” closed their shop and did not move although some of the stylists moved to other salons. Did all of the stylists move to Creative Hair Styling or just some? More information would be great! Thanks

    2. See my post of November 10, “Find your stylist in Wedgwood,” for a complete list of the new locations of former CC & Co. hair stylists. The list is also posted on the door of the CC & Co. building at 8605 35th Ave NE.

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