Fourth Corner Exchange

The Fourth Corner Exchange is an alternative monetary system that supports cooperation in exchanging a large selection of goods and services throughout the Pacific Northwest.   The Exchange began in Bellingham in 2004 and was named for the Pacific Northwest as the “fourth corner” of the contiguous USA.  The goal of the Fourth Corner Exchange is to trade cooperatively to do justice, help one another and express value and mutual respect for labor.  The Exchange uses Life Dollars which are valued at one hour of someone’s time at a basic living wage in their local community.

Fourth Corner Exchange is growing in the Seattle area and on Wednesday, November 28, 7 to 9 PM, there will be an information meeting.  Check here for meeting location info.  Everyone can bring a snack to share, and for those who are already Fourth Corner members there will be a “marketplace” time to sell or exchange food, crafts, books, clothing, skills and services.  Fourth Corner Exchange is hosted by Sustainable NE Seattle as consistent with the goals of reciprocity, resilience and sustainability in our community.

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