Wedgwood Won A Party!

Last month, exciting news was shared on the Wedgwood site.  Apparently, Wedgwood won a party for being the fastest growing neighborhood in the country.  According to Kim Tennican, one of the leads for the online community: ran a contest for the last few weeks to identify the most connected neighborhood in Seattle, and Wedgwood won based on the incredible growth we have had in the last couple of months! The prize is a big party for the neighborhood, and Nextdoor is giving us up to $1500 to spend for the event.

Neighbors have been chiming in with their thoughts on the party.  If you have any great thoughts on what to do, then join Nextdoor Wedgwood and share your ideas.   If you do join Nextdoor Wedgwood, you can customize your personal settings…including the frequency of emails.  Nextdoor Wedgwood is not a WCC affiliated online social community.  However, we do like parties.

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