This week in Wedgwood December 10 to 15

When will it snow?  Neighborhood businesses seem to be anticipating icy weather, at least, as snow-melt was sprinkled at entryways over the weekend.  The dogs of Wedgwood are ready with their snow suits and they hope to help build a snowman.  In the meantime, while waiting for flakes to fall, have you reviewed your emergency preparation measures?  Do you have a Three Days, Three Ways plan for your family and do you have needed emergency supplies?  Take a look at Seattle’s Emergency Preparedness page with links to other resources.

Around the neighborhood this week businesses are decked out for the holidays.  Please do consider doing your holiday shopping at local businesses, including Twirl and the Seattle Audubon Nature Shop which have a selection of gifts for both adults and children. You may also consider giving gift certificates from other businesses, including restaurants and coffee shops.   Many local businesses are sponsoring charity donation drives, so check out the displays and join in with giving.

Here’s a holiday gift-giving idea you may not have thought of:  buy a building!  The catch is, you have to move it to another site.  The former CC & Co. building at 8605 35th Ave NE is for sale (the building itself has another owner, not the CC & Co.)  The former CC & Co. hair stylists are now in other locations around Wedgwood.

The 8605 site is owned by City Light, and the owner of the building wants to sell it if possible.  The 8605 site will eventually be made into a new park for Wedgwood.

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