Great News Regarding the Proposed Inverness Ravine Park Trail Project

UPDATE: I overlooked acknowledging and applauding the other two projects for NE Seattle that were recommended by Parks Staff for funding through the Opportunity Fund.  Congrats to the applicants of both the Magnuson Park Community Kitchen and Sacajawea Southern Playground projects on their strong applications as well!

We have some good news to share about the Inverness Ravine Park Trail Project we proposed for funding under the Seattle Parks and Recreation 2012/2013 Opportunity Fund.  All of the projects submitted have now been reviewed by Seattle Parks Staff with their recommendations forwarded on to Levy Oversight Committee for approval.  Fortunately for us, Seattle Parks likes our project and has included it as one of their recommended projects to fund!

As a quick reminder, the 2012/12013 Opportunity Fund is part of the 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy and awards funding to community-driven recreational acquisition and development projects.  In 2013, $7-8 million will be distributed to projects across the City, including several projects in northeast Seattle.  The Inverness Ravine Park Trail project is a project submitted by the WCC’s Parks Committee as a response to the Wedgwood Vision Plan (adopted in 2010) which calls for the development of trails in natural, stream-side settings.  The project proposes to create a pedestrian nature trail in Inverness Ravine Park, which is currently inaccessible, on a combination of existing Parks-owned land and Seattle Department of Transportation right-of-way.  The ravine consists of a seasonal stream that is a part of the Thornton Creek tributary system, and is vegetated with a second-growth native forest, as well as some invasive plant species.  Part of the project’s scope will be to remove invasive species and plant additional native plants.  A conceptual trail alignment, which was included in our proposal, is below.

While this is fantastic news, the project still hasn’t been approved for funding.  The Levy Oversight Committee still needs to review all of the projects and make their own recommendations.  The Committee will then tour potential project sites and hold a public hearing.  If the Committee still feels that the project has merit, they will award it funding, which will allow the formal outreach and design processes to commence.  Funding approval is expected to take place in the first half of 2013, as indicated on the timeline on the Opportunity Fund’s website.

In other fantastic park news beyond Wedgwood, we’d like to extend our congratulations to all of the park projects in NE Seattle recently funded, including:

4 Replies to “Great News Regarding the Proposed Inverness Ravine Park Trail Project”

  1. I think that the stream in the Inverness Ravine Park is year round. After this summer’s dry spell there was still a good flow of water in the creek.

    1. Richard, thanks for the heads up. Much of the flow within the stream is from undetained stormwater off of our streets. Urban streams with hydrologic sources like this are typically very flashy and dry up periodically during the year. Sustained flow within the stream would be great news for fish as that is what provides cool, clean water necessary for fishies and their food downstream of the park…especially during our summer dry spells.

  2. I have completed a path with stairs and trail on the east side of the ravine from my house to the stream providing easy access is to the proposed park. Let me know if I can help in any future work.
    tel. 206.524.0069

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