New Business in Wedgwood

Wedgwood is home to people concerned about the environment and sustainability, and now Wedgwood has a beauty salon which is a perfect fit:  The new Shampoo Bar Organic Salon at sidewalk level in the Jasper Apartment Building at 8606 35th Ave NE.   The Shampoo Bar is open Tuesday through Saturday by appointment.

Nancy Cole, owner/designer of the Shampoo Bar, recently moved her business from Broadview to Wedgwood.  She became involved with organic beauty products nearly twenty years ago after experiencing headaches and bronchitis caused by toxic ingredients.  Nancy wants to make a positive difference by her holistic, healthy way of working which benefits both humans and the earth.  Nancy has a consulting practice and brings education and training on organic processes and products to beauty academies and salon owners.  Welcome to Wedgwood, Nancy!

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