Livable Streets: Trail Connection Final Design Info

New Burke Gilman Trail Connection at Hartmann Building
Seattle Children’s Final Design Concept Open House
Saturday, February 2nd at Gould Hall, 10AM – 2PM

Have you ever tried to cross Sand Point Way NE on foot or on bike?  Now you can, and live to tell about it:  the new traffic signal at Sand Point Way NE and 40th Ave NE is already operational, thanks to the Livable Streets initiative of Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Crosswalks are in, and a left turn lane onto 40th Ave NE.  In addition, King County Metro has built bus shelters on both sides of Sand Point Way NE at the intersection.  Together the improvements will help traffic flow more smoothly, make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists to cross and make it more convenient to use transit.

Everyone is invited to an Open House on Saturday, February 2, to see the final concept design info for a Burke-Gilman Trail connection across Sand Point Way NE to reach the Seattle Children’s Hospital complex (see sketch to the right).  This new trail connection is targeted for completion in late 2013 to cross Sand Point Way NE at 40th Ave NE.  Seattle Children’s had committed to spend nearly $4 million on transportation improvements in northeast Seattle as part of their Major Institution Master Plan. The Open House-Final Design Concept will be this Saturday, February 2, from 10 AM to 2 PM. The Open House will be at Gould Hall, 3949 15th Ave NE, across the street from the main University of Washington campus.  Bring the kids and their bicycles:  next to the Livable Streets design display there will be an (indoor) bicycle safety activity area and free safety inspections.

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  1. I live in the Bryant neighborhood just a few blocks to the west of the proposed connection. Let me cut to the chase. Children’s staff is misleading adjacent neighborhoods about this connection. The biggest lie is how at least 30% of the ramp will be constructed on parkland – that is the Burke-Gilman Trail. Why can’t Children’s staff and their design consultants be honest about this and include the park property boundary on their design? Why can’t they tell the public that they do not have any sort of approval from Seattle Parks, or the Department of Planning and Development?

    I am not a NIMBY person. I just want to see Children’s limited funding put to use improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities which benefit the community at large. Children’s own master plan from 2010 shows the Hartmann Property connection designated only for pedestrians. All bicycle connections are to be made at NE 50th Street, continuing east towards Sand Point Way NE. Putting the $600,000 estimated ramp cost towards improving NE 50th at the B-G Trail (another ramp, more lighting, etc.) and making the street truly ped/bike friendly east towards Sand Point Way seems to be far greater bang for the buck. The Hartmann connection deadends at the back of a condo tower and at the back of houses 100 or so feet away. How people safe will this place be at night?

    Besides all of this issues there is a settlement agreement between Children’s and the Laurelhurst Community Club which specifically details conditions of development of the Hartmann Property and any B-G Trail connection.

    If you would like more info and how to encourage Children’s to make the Bryant neighborhood safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, e-mail:

  2. Thanks, Wedgwood folks for the well written post. Please join us at Gould Hall this Saturday 10a-2p to learn more about this cool project.

    @Kevin: Thank you for your concern about the use of Children’s funds. We strive to be wise with our dollars and at the same time meet or exceed our regulatory requirements. You’ve asked quite a few questions. I hope I can help clear some of the confusion:
    Why this project?
    1) Because City Council has required Children’s to build it
    Why now?
    Because our Citizen’s Advisory Committee has requested that Children’s build it as soon as possible
    Why haven’t we told people that part of the project is on parks property?
    We have. Repeatedly. The project has not changed locations since it was proposed in 2009.
    Why hasn’t it been approved by Parks, SDOT or DPD?
    The project has been reviewed by the City’s Design Commission, City Council’s Transportation Committee, the full Council, SDOT, DPD and Parks. As you may know a full review (and hopefully approval) will come during the MUP process.
    Why is Children’s “lying”?
    We aren’t, Kevin. I think you know that.

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