Key Bank Robbed Again on February 7

It happened again at around 9:45AM this morning, February 7. Key Bank at 7307 35th Ave NE was once again hit by a gun-toting masked man.  It seemed like less than 2 weeks ago we thought we could move on from our armed bank robbing plight.  But it turns out more than one criminal has realized there are 7 banks within a 10-block stretch.  This makes the 4th armed robbery in 4 months for 35th Ave NE and the 2nd robbery of the Key Bank branch.  We hope we’re not the only ones who have noticed this trend…

The Seattle Police Blotter has a brief report on the burglary here.  According to their report:

The suspect is described as an unknown race male, approximately 5’09, 140, wearing a black hooded jacket,blue jeans,  and a partial black mask covering the lower part of his face.  He was also carrying a black backpack.

The suspect entered the bank, pointed a gun at the teller, and then jumped over the counter and took money out of the teller drawer.  He then fled the bank on foot, last seen running south.

Officers arrived quickly after receiving the 911 call and are currently searching the area.  Several area schools have been notified and are taking the necessary precautions.

According to the Ravenna Blog’s Twitter feed, View Ridge Elementary was put on lock-down following the armed robbery.

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