Rainy Day Play

Parents of active toddlers know the difficulties of being stuck indoors on rainy days!  Now there’s a way to go and burn off some energy at the PlayCenter (formerly Tot Town) at Magnuson Community Center, located on Sand Point Way at NE 74th Street.  Visit Magnuson Community Center on Tuesday, March 5, from 4 to 6 PM and see the newly expanded play area for children from ages 1 to 5.  The PlayCenter has a child-size store, post office and “pretend kitchen”  for imaginative play.  New areas include Legos, tracking tables, puzzle station, doll house, garage, library, and construction zone. The cost is $2 per child and parental supervision is required.  Phone 684-7026 for more info.  Several other nearby community centers, such as Meadowbrook (phone 684-7522) also have Toddler Gym times but it is advised that you phone for info as the open hours have changed.  Some of the centers charge $3 and some $2 per child.

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